Sunday, June 21, 2015

Useful Scrapbook Tool!! Pink Self Healing Mat, American Crafts

Pink Double-Sided 18" x 24"

 American Crafts Self Healing Cutting Mat

I'm delighted with my new purchase.  I've been using grid paper to line up my mats and borders when I scrapbook and make cards.  After recently running out of grid paper, I decided to invest in a self healing mat.  I have a larger one with 1 inch grid segments that I use mostly for cutting fabric.  For paper crafting I wanted one with smaller grids.  I had to search online for a bit to find one that had quarter inch grids/blocks.  It also has centimeter and 1/8 inch increments on all 4 sides.  So it fits the bill!!

This makes lining things up so simple.  I use a long ruler 18 inches long that extends out from a 12 in paper, line my ruler up with the grid, position my border or mat against the ruler and voilĂ   - a perfectly straight border.

American Crafts, Pink Double-Sided Self-Healing Cutting Mat, 18" x 24"